Our Story

This is the story of a boy who grew up in an under-privileged and marginalised village in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, where people live below the poverty line and are not exposed to fine things. Inga was raised by his grandmother and grew up making wire cars and little clay cows and houses. From the small village all the way to growing his now renowned worldwide brand, Inga has had quite a journey. 

Inga Atelier is in a class and concept all its own. Launched in Johannesburg by Creative Director Inga Gubeka, the brand is the next level of cultivating and celebrating the diversity that resides within the continent of Africa. Now with an international following that continues to expand with each collection, Inga Atelier is dedicated to creativity and innovation for the upscale and fashionably forward.

What Sets Inga Atelier Apart: Crafting a Singular Touch

At Inga Atelier, we embrace timeless pieces that honor sophistication and attention to detail. As an African luxury brand known for expertly merging the minimal aesthetic to wide acclaim, the brand has an appeal factor that traverses the four corners of the earth.

Alongside an enduring passion for artistry, the seamstresses and craftsmen behind the brand have years of experience in producing luxury leather accessories. Each hand bag comes with its own customized scent, a calling card unlike any other leather brand around, and a testament to mastering the art of the finishing touch.

Born from the expert hands of talented seamstresses from South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Malawi, Inga Atelier accessories exude exceptional artisan craftsmanship. Made with the finest materials used in the industry, such as Italian leather, silk-like lining, and metal work. The premium construction, quality, and style of our leather goods ensure that each piece is not only classic in design, but built to last a lifetime.

These sleek, meticulously crafted leather goods of the highest quality are never born through the use of large scale factories or unethical labor practices. Our brand has cultivated a dedicated following by remaining true to our promise of delivering beautiful leather pieces that adhere to our protocols of aesthetic perfection.


About Our Creative Director & Designer

I’m just a boy from the village of Engqeleni with a dream that some day my brand will be recognized internationally as one of the best luxury leather goods brand to come out of Africa…
- Inga Gubeka

The determined dreamer combines the essential elements to yield the desired results...

But more than a dream is required to mark achievement. It takes passion, dedication, perseverance, and resilience in order to reach success. From a young age, Inga Gubeka held big dreams from his small Xhosa village of Ngqeleni, and his creative drive was nurtured early. By 2012, Gubeka had launched Indalo Décor, his line of wooden bags that debuted to success. A few years later, he was heralded as one of South Africa’s emerging talents, with Forbes cementing the status by making their annual list, ‘Forbes Africa 30 Under 30’ in 2016, and nominating Gubeka as a promising entrepreneur in 2018.

The dream is simple, and we need your help with it. After the grand opening of a physical flagship store in the richest square mile of Africa, the next goal is to become the most renowned African luxury brand in the world. The Inga Atelier line is not only creating local jobs and inspiring African generations, it is simultaneously honoring traditions and sharing a culture.

Come build the dream with us... Get your exclusive piece here.